Why you must not have any female to fight any battle for you Because 男人越戰越勇 女人越戰越弱; that how only man can be good enough to survive that toughest Frozen-冰河時期 life; that how you are told "女人" is "弱者 東森房屋"; that how Satan does not fight anyone but dragon down; that how your military must not have any female member; that how your gov 商務中心ernment/public office must not hire any female; that how your business must not hire any female, because like Chinese said "商場.Rule.戰場"; that how US military h 小型辦公室as no way to win any real battle ground like Chinese can, because the race of White is "Inn.Sin", they can only rely on Air Force to bomb; that how the WWII was "JohnCatShake 辦公室出租" won for USA; that how USA so wants to destroy all Chinese good remaining. That how Chinese told you "男.Boot.跟女.Dough", because he does, he can only push good better best woman to dry out ( 房地產Without good better best woman [When life is good, woman should like Moon invisible on your day time; at tough time, woman can only be good like Moon to show her weak light to tell man what's going on creepily.] to 永慶房屋 keep life going on, no man can deserve any good life.), have all female dressed animals to dragon down all less good to fall down. The good better best can do, you have no right to ban those evil doers from doing like that (T 東森房屋hat how you need to kill all non-virgin inside "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" pool, otherwise, you have no way to grow up any bright star. ), that how you need to kill anyone less good than you (That how woman must do her best to stay inside her own place, because woma 台灣房屋n is second to man, that gives every man the right to kill any woman showing in front of his eyes. That how you must not ban anyone from speaking out, but demand every one who dare speak out, must have to be dare to die for that voice.) showing in front of your eyes, or you must not hav 看房子e any man made form or group in any way. That how that Late China King who own the entire Continent of America left his will to give the entire Continent of American back to the wild.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 新成屋  .

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