Nuclear ?本多情 Showed that:When a man and a woman married and love each other truly, the woman must always have the good luck to d 室內裝潢ie in inside his arms even they fight each other like enemy, that woman must have to die at committing suicide(I cannot figure out what that 宜蘭民宿man must have to end up or down at this time[He may become the lifeless stone if he chooses to "Show.Dow.4.Dot.Jack.Cone", or he can choose to kill anyone equally 房屋貸款 as per his hot, then he must have the good luck<"Mouse.Jer.Dong" could not have that good luck, because "John.Chin" did not love him more than herself, that means that he's not he 信用貸款r true love, and they did not married each other lawfully or under the sky like Chinese said "Bi.Ten.Deed". This may explain how come lawless Godless Communist must encourage all their people to keep pu 酒店打工re virgin to the end to become lifeless stone or to become bright star to hang above the sky. Because if you choose married under the form "Bi.Ten.Deed", first you must have to make sure "Sin.Chen.Jer.Lin" ##0nly pure v 西裝外套irgin man and woman can have right to choose married under sky the form of "Bi.Ten.Deed" that old time Chinese used to do ##honestly to your own heart, secondly, you must have no way to divorce each other.> to come again as female form to jump in 信用卡代償to "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" pool to keep her pure virgin to the end to become bright star to hang above the sky]) , because she used "Sin.G" to break her Aunt good luck, her Aunt must miss her good luck, because she's a "Whore". This is why woman must not "Whore", woman 酒店經紀 must not use "Sin.G" to anyone. That may explain how come Islam or Muslim must have to stone a woman to die to make her deadly body like smash potato to hide her private parts when they knew that woman must have no way to deserve good luck to meet her sweetheart to serve her aft 會場佈置er she died, so that to make sure no woman be slaved to serve her deadly body. This may explain how come I likely die under nuclear bomb if my sweetheart JoneLee indeed died before I die. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 吳哥窟  .

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